RCDImaging Support Services

Monitor Calibration

Wouldn’t you rather be able to sit in your underwear and edit your own photos? If your whites look like you washed them in a load of color clothes, bring your monitor in and let us calibrate it! All of our monitors are properly calibrated using ICC Profiles. This lets us print exactly what you see on our monitors and after we calibrate yours, your monitor too unless you’re color blind. Then you’re in the wrong profession and we can’t help you.

When you obviously decide to bring your monitor in for calibration because your tired of everyone looking like they’re from Blue Man Group, the turnaround time is Same-Day. Bring your computer in before 10am and it will be ready at 5pm on the same day. Walk-ins unwelcome for Monitor Calibrations because we require an appointment.

Don’t feel like bringing your monitor to us? No problem, that is, if your studio has a store-front and is located within twenty five miles of Louisville. It’s In-Studio Monitor Calibration, not in home. That would be kind of weird for us to come to your house, unless you have a dog.. and depends on what you’re cooking for dinner.

If I’m having my monitor calibrated, what do I need to bring in?

You will need to bring in your monitor, computer, 2 power cables and monitor-to-computer connection cord (VGA, DVI, Mini DVI, etc.), as well as your operating system’s username and password.

Monitor Match Guarantee

When we tell you we’re gonna take care of you, we mean it! We have a Monitor-Match Guarantee to everyone who’s working on a calibrated display and ordering through ROES. If you were to gaze at your wonderfully calibrated monitor and then peer at an awfully hideous cyan print that you received from us (which will never happen, duh), then we’ll reprint your order at no charge or give you your money back!

If you are working on a Color-Calibrated Monitor you can order through any of our “Standard” Print ordering softwares. If you’re not as confident that your monitor is correct or just don’t care anymore because someone has been a royal pain and you’re tired of looking at their face because it’s looking back at you wondering why you didn’t marry better when mom told you the neighbors kid next door was going to grow up and be a doctor but you all were like “But I don’t care mom. Money isn’t important,” but now they know you’re want a new car and rubbing in your face that doctor kid could afford it, let our lab edit your images for color, density, brightness and contrast, with “Full Service” Printing!