Panoramic Prints

We all have that one aunt that thinks she is part of the Duggar’s. You obviously can’t fit her entire football team of a family in one ordinary photo along with your extended family. With panoramic prints, you can! The only limit to how wide your photo can be how wide your camera can shoot an image, or like a hundred meters, I guess whichever comes first.

You always have the option of having each of your sub par photos corrected for color and density on a calibrated display. If you think you’re hot stuff, check the hot stuff option to not have your images corrected. Just like Santa, “We’re making a print. We’re checking it twice. We’re gonna find out if Timmy has lice” to make sure you get the best possible print we can provide. This mean’s all the way to when the Elf’s wrap it before they tap.. the bow on. Imprinted can be added for some spare change.