Photo Slate

Photo Slate means we put your picture on a rock. We send one of our employees out back to look for the biggest, bestest rock they can find. Then we give them finger paints. Each rock is a piece of art. Don’t get it wet though. We only let Shaun do watercolors.

We’re only partially kidding. A Photo Slate is printed on a piece of slate stone. Each piece of stone has different bumps, ridges, and grooves. This means ever print is unique. A one of a kind print. Kinda nifty if ya ask me. Don’t care that you didn’t ask. I’m still giving you my opinion. Photo Slates are available in three sizes: 5.5″x5.5″ Square, 5.5″x7.5″ Rectangle, and 7.5″x11.5″ Large Rectangle.

The Photo Slate comes with a stand (pictured above), turning it into a stunning display piece that will look great on any mantle or desk! Hopefully your putting it on the mantle. That means you’re probably kicking back in front of the fire with a glass of cognac. If it’s going on your desk, you work too much. Photo Slates make great gifts. They’re only slightly cooler than a lump of coal.