If we’re anything alike, you like to stay organized but you’re super scatterbrained. So, you write everything in sticky notes and cover everything and everyone with them. If you have a friend that does this too, it can be confusing. Make your own custom 6×9 notepads that let you know, “Hey! This is information for this wonderful person suffering from ADOLAS!” Color code them or something. Maybe order one set specifically for Mondays. THE WORLD IS AN OYSTER!

ADOLAS -Attention Deficit, Oh Look A Squirl

Pen goes with paper like peas and chocolate. They’re just meant for each other. Our notepads are just tiny peas that need to be written on with the wonderful chocolate your pen provides. Our paper can be compared to Skittles because it comes in a rainbow of colors. Each notepad is made up of fifty easy to remove sheets. I was supposed to use tear-off sheets, but that just feels too violent after I just compared these sheets to a rainbow. I’m sure you agree. We’re not all barbarians.

You can design these wonderful little leaves of paper yourself. Do it on our paper friendly website or at a kiosk in our store. If you’re having trouble making a wonderful little notepad yourself, have one of our friendly designers help you achieve your wonderful goal.

That last wonderful was a stretch, but I hope you realize the pattern I was going for at this point. Obnoxious, right? What isn’t obnoxious is that we can also make custom sizes or add more sheets to your wonderful friendly wonderful friendly note pad. Contact us for a quote!