Everyone likes options. So, we’re going to take most of those away and only give you two. Anymore and it’s difficult to make a decision according to Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. We currently offer a Regular Ole Mousepad and a Metro Boomin Mousepad.

The Regular Ole Mousepad is your grandpa’s mousepad. Sturdy, and reliable. Nothing special until you design one yourself with all the new bells and whistles. It has foam shoe bottoms just like your Sanuks. This means the mousepad is comfortable, just like your Sanuks. Look if you don’t own a pair of Sanuk shoes, you should at the very least try a pair on the next time you’re in a shoe store. These are the most comfortable shoes you can get away with wearing in public. End Sanuk plug. The Regular Ole Mousepad also has a cloth top, just like your Sanuk shoes. Ok, Ok, Ok, Really I’m done with the shoes.

The Metro Boomin Mousepad is thinner, but not quite Kate Moss thin, and has a plastic surface, like Joan Rivers face (RIP). The Metro Boomin Mousepad has a rubber non-slip bottom, like your Vans. Didn’t mean to go back into shoe talk. There would be a black border around your entire image/design to complete the “contemporary” look. Some say these mousepads are more comfortable than the Regular Ole Mousepad, but what’s really more comfortable than Sanuks?

A Mousepad could be the perfect gift, just like Sanuks, and could be a great way to advertise your company or brand.