Die Cut Wallets

Have someone you just want to squish with your butt or put them in a bag to throw around? We have a solution for you. Instead of doing probably illegal things to them, make a tiny photo of them to pretend like you like them. Make some DIEEEEE-Cut Wallets photos. We print DIEEEEE- Cut Wallets on Lustre, Gloss, or Metallic paper. Give them to other people too. This was everyone can draw mustaches on the and not the person or family.

We print DIEEEEE-Cut Wallets in sets of 8. We’re currently running the never ending 48 DIEEEE-Cut Wallet Special. The only catch is they all have to be the same photo of uggo.

We have to cut these suckers out. So you’re gonna lose 1/8″ all the way around the image. We cut off arms, heads, feet, whole torsos, you name it. Sometimes, the aftermath looks a crime scene. This means you’ve gotta keep your arms and legs not only inside the vehicle at all times, but away from the waters edge because of gators. Our ordering systems has momma’s hand built to avoid the chopping block and let you see what you’re getting into. So let us help you figuratively ship your special ambivalent someone to the ends of the world and pretend that you’ll never have to see them again.