I once “accidental” stood someone up. They then bought me a personalized calendar with all the dates of the dates we would be going on for the rest of the year marked with times, locations, and proper attire. Joy…. Tap into your inner crazy and buy one today for that current infatuation.

The bigger, the crazier (or worse eye sight) when it comes to calendars. 8.5×11 is the size that most order, but kick it up a notch like Emeril and take that crazy up to an 11×17 or 12×12. The 8.5×11 can come as either saddle-stitched, or spiral bound. The larger calenders, 11×17 and 12×12, would be spiral-bound. Although we have templates to work off of, if you think you’re so special that you need something completely custom, contact our design department for a quote. Side note: If I go missing, check under you know who’s bed that gave me the calendar to see if I’m spiral-bound underneath.